AFOSS (Angstroms Front Office Service System)
Is the real time stock trading solution developed using web technology. It can be used on Chrome, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The solution takes advantage of newest version of web technology therefore the look and feel of all devices is identical. No more difference looks on different devices.

We provide solutions for both investor and trader as:
1. Investor Plus (AFOSS/I+)  investor can browse through real time data and do the trading
2. Trader Plus (AFOSS/T+)  is the solution for stock traders to efficiently execute trading as well as manage their clients



The Functions

- User privilege and authorization
- Home screen dashboard
- Stock fundamental information
- Stock realtime trading price information
- Stock trading statistic & analysis
- Market & sectors trading  information


- Chat & notification
- Portfolio information & realtime revaluation
- Order entry for SET, MAI and TFEX
- News from SET, TFEX
- News from internal research team
- Additional online features eg. Cash/Stock Deposit/Withdraw