We are a group of Thai software engineers whose passions are to explore and being the forefront users of new technology. A few decades ago in the field of brokerage real time technology, we were the only Thai vendor who create real time stock brokerage trading solution competing with the solutions from Chicago Stock Exchange and Vancouver Stock Exchange and our solution being well recognized among Thai brokerage firms as innovative first client-server solution in the market. Later, we help our clients reduce their cost of server hardware investment drastically by being again the first who brought Linux-Red Hat to be used with PC Server for brokerage business. Therefore the IT investment per branches of brokerage firms being cut to be only fraction of the usual investment cost, which is quite timely for the economic crisis during the 90s.

We keep innovating and for this new establishment-Angstrom Solutions Co. Ltd. We present the Brokerage firms with the web technology solutions that can maximize all the advantages of Internet era. Let us upgrade your legacy systems and free your firms from day-to-day IT routine while reducing your IT cost of ownership