Angstrom Bureau
Angstrom Bureau provides data processing and online services to stock brokerage firms for their batch processing routine back office job as well as variety of front office information technology services. Customers provide data and the Bureau does almost all the day to day operation plus some custom programming. The Bureau protects the privacy of each customer while providing service that is reliable and secure - on a massive scale
  The Connection  
  - through the Internet using Encrypted HTTP protocol
  - Through VPN using OpenVPN

The Benefits
  - Support by the expert team who understand clients business
  - Customers have no server hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update
  - Minimize cost of IT using pay as you go basis
  - Call center available during business hours and through web service for 24 hours

  The Services  
  - Online service through the Internet using web browser
  - Using Load Balance system to manage mass users activities
  - Back up site for both customer's business continuity and disaster discovery contingency
  - Replicate database for backup data
  - Privacy and safety of customers data through encryption using SSL and OpenVPN system